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Public Sector
BWCL welcomes public sector customers

BWCL has been supplying the public sector with reliable, high quality IT products and services for over 30 years. Working with IBM, Lenovo, Cisco and other major brands, BWCL can provide excellent value for money and help you purchase IT equipment in a sustainable way.

If you would like information about our public sector pricing please contact us on 01568 750 365.

BWCL Gwerth Cymru Value Wales

BWCL was successful on the All Wales Public Sector IT Equipment & Associated Services Agreement (Value Wales IT Framework, WFEPC/025/07) led via fforwm, by the Welsh Further Education Purchasing Consortium (WFEPC) in conjunction with Value Wales, a division of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Gwerth Cymru Value Wales