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An unrivaled level of support

BWCL has developed a model for a level of support and service that is both valued by customers and also rare, if not unique.

This model is the provision and continued maintenance of stable IT platforms and circumvents the age-old disputes between hardware and software suppliers over system performance and reliability. BWCL is an authorised business partner for IBM, Lenovo, Cisco and Microsoft amongst others and provides a full range of desktop computers, notebook computers, servers, printers, scanners, back-up devices, uninterruptible power supplies, hubs, switches etc.

Computer networks are no longer the exclusive preserve of large companies. Even small companies may have two or three computers acting as servers running different applications on different operating systems. Company-wide e-mail, access to the Internet, the increased need to share data and the integration of telephone and fax systems have all contributed to the need to have a unified approach.

Companies that have no IT department can make full use of the full range of BWCL products and services. BWCL effectively becomes their IT department and saves the company the cost of recruiting and employing a full-time IT manager. BWCL can help companies that have an existing IT department, coming to be seen as a seamless extension of it, working together to ensure the key objective of providing a secure and reliable network is met.

As a Microsoft Online Services Partner, BWCL is able to offer the full range of Microsoft Cloud Services and Products, like Office 365, Exchange Online, Sharepoint, Lync, Intune and many more.

BWCL is also a Lenovo Authorised Warranty Services Provider, able to carry out warranty repairs for the Lenovo Think branded products. If you have a Lenovo Think product that is in need of repair, please call us on 01568 750900, to arrange the service.
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